EpoxyGator® Variety Pack (7 - 4oz Super Size Putty Sticks)

EpoxyGator® Variety Pack (7 - 4oz Super Size Putty Sticks)
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    EpoxyGator® Variety Pack 6 EPOXY STICKS

    CAN'T DECIDE WHICH TO BUY?  Buy as low as $6.42 per stick.

    We sell a handy variety pack consisting of all 7 epoxy putty sticks.  Perfect for homeowners, maintenance & operations personnel and field techs.  A must for every tool box.  You never know when you'll need to fix something in a jiffy.   Now you can repair variety of materials from aluminum, plastics, wood, ceramics,  PVC, ABS, aluminum, concrete, glass, stone, tiles, bronze, brass, copper, steel, fiberglass just to name a few. 

    The EpoxyGator Variety Pack consists of:

    1 - Steel Stick
    1 - Copper Stick
    1 - Aqua Stick
    1 - Alumina Stick
    1 - Wood Stick
    1 - Plastic Stick
    1 - Mason Stick

    All Epoxy Putty Sticks are 4oz, 7 1/8" long, Super Size Sticks.