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Quantity Discounts Combined with the Consolidation & Outsourcing

The Corporate Challenge

An example:

A Tier #1 automotive supplier could not achieve significant cost savings for MRO commodities because each plant location was buying independently, creating a fragmented purchasing organization unable to leverage volume or enforce national contract usage. Plants were often paying different prices for common commodities because contracts were negotiated with small, regional suppliers, who were unable to provide price points comparable to national suppliers.

The Hippo Solution:

Hippo Industries analyzed the commodities purchased at each plant and aggregated volume for common items. This allowed Hippo Industries purchasing professionals to negotiate contracts with manufacturers/suppliers who were able to deliver best-in-class pricing and quality consistent across all locations. Additionally, the de-centralized purchasing organization was consolidated into one process, developed and maintained by Hippo Industries. Suppliers were able to use Hippo Industries as a single point of contact and the customer was able to generate immediate cost savings through the reduced piece price as well as the operating efficiencies created by no longer having to maintain independent purchasing processes.

Aggregating the buy produced 5-15% piece price savings and the customer was able to free purchasing and accounts payable resources previously required to manage the de-centralized purchasing organization. Now, rather than having to manage regional contract negotiations and approximately 80,000 invoices a month, the customer manages Hippo Industries to performance metrics and pays one itemized Hippo Industries invoice every thirty days.

Medium to large sized companies may  deal with 500 Plus vendors to supply their different products to it's facilities.  More vendors mean more costs. Each purchase order issued from the beginning stages of a requisition to a request for quote(RFQ) all the way to a actual PO and finally your accounts payable can mean time and money spent.  The average large institution spends about $100 to $300 per PO issued. 500 Plus vendors x $250 per order x the number of POs issues in a year is a complete waste of your money. Some of your day to day items may be costing you as much as 50% extra while small and numerous vendor simply cannot afford to cut their profit margins. 

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