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Code Name WeightPrice   
BRU6217BOWL BRUSH WHITE TAMPICO (Sold Per Each)0.18 $2.97
RCP6310WHITOILET BOWL BR (Sold Per Each)0.27 $2.00
RCP6311WHIBOWL BRUSH HOLDER (Sold Per Each)0.18 $1.66
RCP9B07BLA18'' MED FLR SWP W/TAMPICO FILL (Sold Per Each)1.58 $11.73
UNS160DURALON BOWL MOP (Sold Per Each)0.12 $0.79
UNS170VALUE PLUS CONE BOWL MOP (Sold Per Each)0.09 $1.23
BRU5208COUNTER BRUSH BLACKTAMPICO 8'' (Sold Per Each)0.79 $4.53
BRU5308COUNTER BRUSH BLACKPLASTIC 8'' (Sold Per Each)0.70 $3.18
BRU5408COUNTER BRUSH GRAYFLAGGED 8'' (Sold Per Each)0.75 $4.48
BRU3110DECK BRUSH PALMYRA 10'' (Sold Per Each)1.04 $4.09
BRU3210DECK BRUSH WHITE TAMPICO 10'' (Sold Per Each)1.08 $5.11
BRU3310DECK BRUSH CREAM PLASTIC 10'' (Sold Per Each)1.00 $4.47
BRU3410DUAL SURFACE SCRUB BRUSH 10'' (Sold Per Each)3.00 $13.48
RCP6337BLU10'' BILEVEL FLOOR SCRUB (Sold Per Each)1.50 $11.53
DUSL16LAMBSWOOL DUSTERS. 16'' (Sold Per Each)0.20 $5.60
DUSL26LAMBSWOOL DUSTERS. 26'' (Sold Per Each)0.30 $6.13
DUSL3060LAMBSWOOL DUST. EXT 30''-60'' (Sold Per Each)0.40 $8.01
DUSL3850LAMBSWOOL DUST. EXT 35''-48'' (Sold Per Each)0.40 $9.93
RCPT110HI-DUSTER. 51''EXTENSION. GRY/WH (Sold Per Each)0.75 $17.41
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